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Pastured Chicken Eggs

Our chickens move about in a mobile chicken coop to grasses and forbs that aid in the production of the most...

Pasture-Raised Chicken

Cornish Cross broiler chickens fed grains, goat milk, and pastures full of clover.

Pasture-Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys

Broad Breasted White Turkeys raised on pastures and forages that provide for the most succulent and flavorful table...

Bulk Icelandic Lamb

Icelandic lamb is 100% pasture raised and grass fed. Our sheep are are managed using intensive rotational grazing....

Bulk Goat (Cabrito)

Pasture raised Kiko and Kiko cross goat. A wonderfully delicious and healthy red meat.

Bulk Pork

Our heritage breed hogs are raised in the woods where they are absolutely the happiest. They are fed a diet of...

Polypay Sheepskins

These beautiful naturally white sheepskins will adorn your home and provide you with beauty and comfort for years to...

Wool Products

Raw and processed wool and wool related goods.

Honey and Syrup

Locally sourced and processed by small family farms.

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