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Tending a Place and People

The number one priority on our farm is to grow healthy food and families. It is our belief that healthy food begins with a respect for creation and its intended design.  By using pasture based systems, and Holistic Management principles, we raise animals that live an excellent life and then generously serve to nourish others.  As a family of 7, we are grateful for the hard work, routine, creativity, and joy that farming offers.  There is nothing more rewarding than gathering around a table and giving thanks for a meal well earned together.  It is our pleasure to invite you to our table, for a taste of food so delicious it must be shared. 




What We Offer

We work hard to provide the best quality products to our customers.  Our meats are raised in a way that's environmentally sustainable, truly humane, and naturally healthy.  Our wool and pelts increase the value and honor shown to our animals.  

We partner with other small farms to provide products that either increase our inventory or add something unique to our online store.  This grows the local farming economy and creates a community that scales appropriately to demand.  Products are labeled by vendor.

Please order from us in the knowledge that you are doing a good thing for your family, your community, and small businesses.  Let's build a better future together.



Product Availability

To see the products we have available at this moment, simply click on any category from product list. 

There is no minimum order size. You can order anything you see listed. Quantities are limited to what you see.  As orders are placed, the quantities go down instantly.  We update the inventory as new products become  available. 

Naturally, our inventory is changing all the time, and our supply of certain cuts is limited by nature's design of  animals.  We need to market all the parts, and everything we sell has healthy and tasty applications.  It's all in  knowing what to do with them.  We can help you with that!

Note that many products are priced by weight, so the exact pricing will not be known until we select the  actual items that will fulfill your order.  However, the shopping cart will show the approximate total cost for each  item.  When the order is placed, you will receive an immediate confirmation email with a copy of your order,  including the approximate pricing.



Pickup and Delivery

You can order from our inventory at any time.  Just place your order and we'll contact you to arrange a pickup time at one of our cooperating farms. Contact us to discuss local or regional delivery of certain vendor products.



Stay Connected

Join our mailing list for farm newsletters and important offerings. If you have any questions or would like to visit the farm email contact@dancercreekfarm.com 


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