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Tending a Place and People

The number one priority on our farm is to grow healthy food and families. It is our belief that healthy food begins with a respect for creation and its intended design. By using pasture based systems, we raise animals that live an excellent life and then generously serve to nourish others. As a family of 8, we are grateful for the hard work, routine, creativity, and joy that farming offers. There is nothing more rewarding than gathering around a table and giving thanks for a meal well earned together.  It is our pleasure to invite you to our table, for a taste of food so delicious it must be shared. 




Here's What is New

We have scaled back our livestock production as our family continues to grow. Our partner business Washtenaw Meats has everything you need. In fact, this is the place to go unless ordering whole animals from us or other local farmers. Visit washtenawmeats.com and you'll find fantastic bundles of local meats from farms we know and love. 


We are host to Hometown Harvest Vegetable Farm

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Order, Pickup and Delivery

You can order from our inventory at any time.  Just place your order and we'll contact you to arrange a pickup time at our farm, at the butcher for bulk purchases, or at one of our distribution events. 



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