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Icelandic Lamb Cuts

Our Icelandic lambs are raised on pasture and are 100% grass fed. The lambs enjoy lush grasses, forages, and self wean from their mother's milk. This means the lambs are fast growing and produce the most tender and mild red meat. People that say "I don't like lamb," are often converted after trying Icelandic lamb. Final pricing is based on actual weight of cut.

Icelandic Ground Lamb

Lean Ground Lamb is flavorful option for an array of dishes at home. From Mediterranean-style burgers to...

Icelandic Shoulder

Use a slow cooking method and pull this succulent meat right off the bone.

Icelandic Lamb Shanks

A specialty for guests! These meaty shanks are bursting with flavor. Seared then slow cooked for maximum...

Icelandic Lamb Chops

These luscious chops will melt in your mouth and are the equivalent of a beef t-bone steak. They are cut 1.25"...

Icelandic Loin Roast

This roast is all about elegance, yet easy to serve.

Bone In, Leg of Lamb

The traditional cut. Bone In Leg of Lamb is best for roasting. The bone will decrease your cooking time.

Icelandic Neck Steaks

Cut into 1" cubes, these are perfect for kabobs or in any soup or stew. Our cubed lamb is lean and tasty.

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